The Benefits of Reiki Healing

The benefits of Reiki are many and varied. The following conditions are especially susceptible to the healing power of the Universal Energy that flows during a Reiki Healing Treatment:

Anxiety and Depression

Because Reiki Healing is gentle and non-intrusive it is very beneficial for anyone suffering from conditions such as anxiety and stress. The ability of the energy to clear blockages from the etheric body often leads to a release of tension and can cause a deep emotional shift to occur. People often report a feeling of lightness, both mental and physical after receiving Reiki. It is also often the case that people are aware that something is “not quite right” or that they have a generalized feeling of anxiety with no apparent cause. Reiki is a wonderful tool for addressing these types of feelings as it gently eases out stressful thoughts and emotions, bringing them to the surface so that they can be released. It is not uncommon to experience weeping or laughter after a treatment, but with the right, sympathetic practitioner this will always be a good thing.

Sufferers from anxiety often also suffer with depression. Reiki energy is uplifting and calming and can help people to achieve the mental clarity needed to start their recovery from mental health issue like depression, hyper activity and obsessive compulsive thought patterns.  The Spiritual nature of Reiki energy also means that many people find comfort in a connection with the Divine, with their guides and angels or with other spiritual entities, depending upon their own spiritual belief system.

Physical Pain

Reiki can also be very effective in relieving physical pain, whether this is minor, as in a headache, or more persistent as in some chronic muscular or skeletal conditions. Science has tried to investigate the efficacy of Reiki as an alternative treatment for sufferers from persistent pain, and the results of many trials have proven to be mostly positive. A randomized clinical study, with a control, of women who had experienced a caesarean section took place in Turkey, between February and July 2011 at Odemis Public Hospital.  (

The women who had received Reiki reported a significant reduction in pain compared to the control group who simply rested in bed. Similar results have been reported from studies on people suffering from lower back pain, with significantly fewer pain relieving drugs required by the group who had received Reiki.

Quality of Life

Another health benefit of Reiki is that it can enhance your quality of life. Sleep is of paramount importance to human beings and many of us struggle to get enough good quality, restful sleep on a regular basis. Reiki helps to relax both the mind and the physical body thus facilitating restful sleep. Reiki healing does a lot more than that though. A Reiki Healing session allows the vibrations of the energy to permeate the entire body of the recipient, including the internal organs, the brain and nervous system. It brings in healing light to every cell, allowing our bodies to begin the process of restoring the balance of good health. It quiets an anxious or busy mind and can often bring a sense of enormous reassurance to the soul. Many recipients report an increase in self-esteem and a more conscientious approach to self-care and self-nurture after a course of treatments.

Closer Connection to the Natural World

Reiki Energy is the Universal Life Force energy that brings vitality to everything. The natural world of trees, plants, flowers, animals, insects, the ocean, the wind, the sky, the natural landscape: all of these are bursting with this life force and one of the most wonderful benefits you can receive from either a Reiki treatment, or an attunement to level one Reiki, is a profound feeling of connection to the natural world around you. Colors become brighter in the days following a session of Reiki, sounds become clearer and many people report enhanced senses of smell, taste and touch. This sense of connection to the wider world, and to the heart of the planet, results in a much clearer appreciation, for many people, of who they are and why they are an important part of the whole of creation. The effects of such realizations on the confidence and mood of the individual cannot be over-estimated.

Unlike more conventional interventions Reiki has no harmful side effects. It is not possible for anyone to receive “too much” Reiki energy as the higher self is in control of just how much energy is required. The energy itself is often called “intelligent” because it always goes exactly where it is needed.

Finally, most Reiki treatments or sessions are very reasonably priced, often costing less than a therapeutic beauty massage, so it is a very good idea to treat yourself to a session. That way you can see for yourself exactly how it feels, and what the benefits are for you.