Preparing for a Distant Healing Session

The first thing to do when you have scheduled a Distant Healing is to make sure that the time and day are absolutely sacrosanct for you. The healing is for you and this is going to be your time to enjoy, relax and feel the benefits. If necessary, inform those around you that you will not be available to do anything other than relax, in private at that particular time.

Your feelings and thoughts should be positive

The second thing to do is to be aware of your own feelings and thoughts about the session. Are you already feeling doubtful about the effectiveness of something that you cannot physically see or touch? If so, let those thoughts go. Approach your healing session with a joyful, open mind, knowing that whatever you experience that will be what you need to experience. Reiki energy is intelligent and is guided by your higher self, which means that it can only be for your highest good and will never have negative or harmful effects on you. Remind yourself that the person who is “sending” you the healing is not using their own energies at all. They are simply acting as the conduit for the energy which emanates from the Universe. You may have your own name for the source of this power and energy, so stay with your own beliefs and the things you feel most drawn to spiritually.

Practical steps for getting ready

Some practical steps that you can take in order to prepare for your Distant Reiki session include taking a warm bath or shower beforehand and then dressing in comfortable clothes or nightwear if that is what makes you feel good. Make sure that your chosen space is private, allow no distractions from others or from electronic devices. Play quiet, soothing music in the background and light a candle if you feel moved to. A period of quiet contemplation or meditation may be useful in setting the scene too.

Manage your expectations

You may have a few expectations about your Distant Healing session, either through talking to others or reading about the possible effects of this treatment. It is best, if you can, to be open to the experience without putting any further pressure on yourself through imagining that you will feel a certain way.  Everyone is different, and we are different on different days, so you have no way of knowing whether you will feel extremely sleepy and relaxed or whether you will become energized and full of vitality during the healing. Some people have profound spiritual experiences during a Reiki treatment and report meeting their angel or Spirit guides, communing with the cosmos, meeting their soul group or monad and a host of other inherently mystical occurrences. Others describe a feeling of total immersion in a comfort blanket, feeling warm and cuddled and totally safe. Yet others may experience a deep release of emotions, from laughter to tears, or often both, without knowing the exact cause. 

Whatever your experience, honor your feelings and trust that the healing energy is flowing without impediment and that it is flowing in to you for your highest good.