Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki is a form of healing using what is often referred to as Universal Energy. In China this energy is known as Chi, in Japan it is called Ki, and in the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions it may be called Prana. A qualified Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for this energy, which is all around us, and helps to direct the energy to where it is needed. This is true of both hands on Reiki sessions and Distant Healing sessions.

Reiki and Energy

It is necessary here to say a few words about the way in which Reiki Healing occurs. People often ask the simple question “What is it?” when the topic of Reiki arises. The answer is also fairly simple, although not necessarily short! Everything in the known universe is energy, meaning that everything is in a constant state of vibration or movement. This has now been proven to be so by advanced scientific methods. Everything has its own vibration or frequency and the molecules and atoms that make up every object, person, animal, planet or structure are in a state of perpetual motion. These vibrations vary enormously between objects, but they are nevertheless always there, always occurring. Thoughts are also energy, by virtue of the fact that the brain has expended energy in order to produce them. In the same way, Reiki energy can be described as a life-force, or spiritual energy, and when we use it in healing it acts holistically, affecting all of the energies that make up the person, animal or anything else that we direct the energy into. It is often referred to as being “intelligent energy” which means that the life force flows naturally to where it is most needed.

What is the Difference Between Hands On and Distant Reiki?

In truth, with regard to the effectiveness of the Reiki Healing session there is no difference between a distant treatment and a face to face consultation. This is because Reiki energy exists outside of time and space and therefore does not differentiate between them. The energy sent over distances is exactly the same as the energy channeled through the practitioner during a hands on session. It is perhaps more helpful, and accurate, to use the word “flow” rather than “send” as the latter has connotations of some form of control attributed to the practitioner, which is not the case in Reiki healing. Because the energy is intelligent it will flow towards the recipient exactly as it needs to. The recipient will actually pull the energy towards them, although there is no effort required for this. All that is needed is for both practitioner and recipient to hold the intention of healing.

How Does Distant Healing Work?

Whether you are a practitioner or not, it is helpful to know what a Distant Reiki session consists of. Distant Reiki Healing can only be performed by practitioners who have received a second level attunement, although level one practitioners can send Reiki over distances just as they can channel and deliver it during a face to face treatment. In Distant Healing it is possible to transcend both distance and time, meaning that a second level Reiki therapist can connect to a person who may be a long distance away in the physical world by forming a bridge that cuts through space. Not only that, we can also cut through time, allowing healing energy to flow into the past, or the future as well as the here and now.

The Reiki practitioner does this by using the sacred symbols that have been placed into their own energy field, or aura as well as into their conscious mind. The symbols have specific functions within Reiki healing and the symbol for Distance is the one used initially when beginning a distant treatment. The practitioner uses the sacred power symbol to energize or activate the flow of energy towards the intended recipient. Both parties benefit greatly if they have set up a specific time for the session to take place, if only because the recipient will want to be in a comfortable and relaxed state in order to gain the greatest benefits.

The therapist may use a “correspondence” in order to give the healing. This may be a photograph, or simply the name of the recipient and their location written on a piece of paper which the therapist holds in their hands. If the healing required is primarily emotional or psychological in nature, he or she will also employ the harmony symbol when initiating the connection between both parties.

What are the Benefits of Distant Healing?

Generally speaking, the same condition or need that impels you towards an in person Reiki Healing can also be effectively addressed in a Distant Reiki session. Physical conditions such as aches, pains and digestive disorders can often be sorted out in just one treatment. Longer term conditions or diseases benefit greatly from regular treatments and this is where Distant Reiki can be extremely useful. You may not be able to commit to travelling to a practitioner on a weekly basis, or even a daily basis, but it is entirely possible to schedule regular, consistent distance appointments.

Distant Reiki can also bring much needed relief from emotional traumas or anxieties. Sometimes, an emotional upheaval leaves a person reluctant to talk to anyone, so a Distant Healing is ideal in this case. The knowledge that you are receiving the loving spiritual energy that your mind and body needs, whilst staying in your own safe space at home can be extremely comforting, and empowering.

The are so many benefits of Reiki healing for both hands-on healing and distant healing the we have written separate page for this topic.

Ki energy

The levels of life force, or Ki energy in our bodies have an impact on our health, and on our natural healing abilities and processes. By amplifying the levels of this energy, a Distant Reiki session will help to support the immune, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It also helps to nourish the skeletal structure and supports the internal organs. A regular Reiki session, distant or personal, gives a much needed boost to our own stores of vitality and helps us to heal more quickly and efficiently.